Ghost Towns

The idea for this post actually came to me while watching the disney film cars. While this movie was intended for children/family audiences it actually explores the same theme as I have. The part of the film that I connect with is the Idea of route 66 ghost towns. There are many little ghost towns along route 66 and other routes that have been created by the construction of Interstate highways. More information about these towns can be found here. These towns have all been left abandoned. This is interesting because at one time they where prominent settlements where travelers constantly visited. At one time they were busy little places where people lived and visited in thier travels. A line from the movie that connects very well comes when they are looking at the interstate and say something like: this town was left in the dust for a mere 10 minutes of driving. This idea that an entire town could be left abandoned for something as insignificant as saving 10 minutes on a trip is mind blowing. Especially when you consider the areas these highways are in generally take an extremely long time to drive through even on an interstate. Some people call this idea progress. It fits in with how we live our lives. Many people are quick to abandon something old for something new just to make life a little bit easier. Everyday we discard things not because they do not do a job. but because something else does it a little bit better. Efficiency being the cause of these abandonments. What is more efficient getting something new and wasting something old when it is still usable or keeping something old until it is unusable? It seems people are quick to abandon things when something new is presented.


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